Thursday, August 12, 2010

How tall is Tom Cruise really?

The Internet Movie Data Base awhile back downgraded Tom Cruise and his infamous lack of height from a laughable 5'11" to an only semi-laughable 5'7". Were they listening to Big-Headed Pygmies? Perhaps then they'll realize that's his height only when wearing boots/lifts! The Huffington Post recently mused about just this topic in regard to photos of him with Cameron Diaz.

His noggin size? Cantaloupe.

Here's what readers have had to say:

I finally had my Tom Cruise sighting last week at Dodger stadium with the Olympic torch. I was about 20 feet away, and I believe that the 5"7'-5"8' is correct. He was shorter than the female interviewer in heels, and she was about 5"8'. --Kerry

I want to know Tom Cruise's real height. One says 5"7' the other 5"9' and then i hear 5"5'. --Rory

Hey, guys. I'm not sure if this is true but I just read (and I even have the magazine in my hand) that Tom Cruise is actually without a doubt 5"5' tall. Is this a joke? Miki

Tom is not 5"11'. He is 5"7'. Colin Farrell is 5"10'. Is Nicole Kidman realy 5"11'? How could Tom have walked with her without looking Mom and son? heh heh heh --Will

Nicole Kidman's early bios say she was 5-9 so when tom grew 2 inches she had to as well. --Barry

tom cruise is definitely not 511 hes 5"6'[168cm].--Master Chief

(BHP NOTE: We stick to inches. cm is a euro thing common on sites who stole our idea for this one!)

Met Tom Cruise not at ATT same as my gf at 5"6' --Mike

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