Thursday, August 12, 2010

Matthew McConaughey grows like a weed!

NEWS FLASH: Actor grows taller!

I spotted Matthew McConaughey not too long ago, and he was 5'11" tall! Funny, years ago when I was an extra on the film The Newton Boys, Mathew McConaughey sauntered up to the dinner wagon. He was at best 5'6" tall! And that's generous! I've seen Sandra Bullock more than once and she ain't tall--5'5". Has McConaughey's celebrity height suddenly increased in a 30ish growth spurt or are film star McConaughey's boots filled with new lifts? What do you think, my tall bubba?

NOTE: I don't know what Sandra Bullock and MM have on their feet in this photo! Special height growing shoes from the Amazon? lists him at 6' tall!

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