Thursday, August 12, 2010

Russell Crowe's height? He's on stilts!!!

Ah, the illusion of the big screen. An alert BHP reader sent on this little item which was published by in December 2000 about Russell Crowe's height:

Heart-throb actor RUSSELL CROWE wears special shoes which make him look taller - and help him to keep his action hero image.
The GLADIATOR star was reported to have taken off his unique footwear at a hollywood bash hosted by producer JERRY BRUCKHEIMER - and swiftly shrunk in size.
Onlookers revealed the host elbowed Crowe and muttered, "Put your shoes on, you're blowing your image." height:
5' 11"!

BHP estimate: 5'8"

Noggin size: Rockmelon, mate!

What readers say:
russel crowe 591/4--Master Chief