Thursday, August 12, 2010

Taking the late night talk show fall!

Ten ways they fool us on guest height:

1. Wearing boots. These add two inches to celebrity height.
2. Putting lifts in the tall star's boots. Right, Hugh Jackman?
3. By walking slowly (Josh Lucas didn't and fell on Conan once).
4. Ring around the desk. Shorter hosts like 5'9" Jay Leno stand on a tall spot, while 6'4" Conan O'Brien stands at a low point.
5. Leaning waaaaay over to shake less-tall celebrities' hands.
6. Having non-tall stars sitting when camera cuts to them.
7. Very low chair--Conan's knees must be sore!
8. Never show guests' feet. Hide the boots and stiletto heels.
9. By lying about the host's height. Conan is described as a giant. Jay as being "tall." Right. And I'm in the NBA.
10. Just plain lying.

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