Thursday, August 12, 2010

Is Dog the Bounty Hunter a puppy?

Last October we ate dinner at a downtown restaurant in Austin, Texas. I saw Duane "Dog" Chapman the bounty hunter sitting down. You could tell he was really small. In the booth, he looked like a little kid. His arms and legs were very small. He had a big head, too, and his mullet was flowing like silk in the wind. Although he was sitting down, I guessed his height to be 5’4” tall to 5’6” tall. – G in Austin

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  1. I saw him yesterday in a parking lot. He is not very friendly at all. I smiled and said hello and he didn't even look in my direction and we were walking toward one another. I am 5'6" and he was no taller than me and HE had his famous boots on. All in black, hair (mullet freshly styled) almost to his waist.